1. Tentación  (7 min) Love triangle in the emotions of the Argentinian tango Music: Apocalyptica - album The Cult
  2. The Spice of Life (5,07 min) A czardas story of a beauty, that elevates her physical handicap to an inner strenght that will make her life much more intense.  Music: Vittoiro Monti "Czardas"
  3. Beltane (5 min) Beltane = "Glowing Fire or Belen's Fire" Celtic dance of fertility celebration. Music: Tribal drums
  4. Si Maestro!  (3,40 min) A violin lecturer will get out of his hands his occasional flirting with his students. All the girls adore and fall in love with him at once. Music: Domenico Modugno - Il maestro Di Violino
  5. The Devil Inside You (4,42 min)  A story of emotional fluctuations. Recognized psychiatrist mixed a mixture, a kind of drug, after which he are consumed by body and soul to become someone else. This allows him to indulge in nightlife and appetites that he can not afford as a respected doctor. Music: Kovacs "The Devil You"
  6. Men in the sauna (3 min)  What happens when the men are sweating hard. Music: Afric Simone "Hafanana"
  7. Heartbreaker (3 min) A chronic heartbreaker moves the girl's head and disrupts relationships. The hunted girl he always leaves. Music: Antonio Banderas, Cancion del Mariachi
  8. Automothers (5 min) Multitasking mothers occupying many professions. Music:, Automatka
  9. When will you come back? (4,12 min) Breakup and following multiple effort to relaunch the relationship. Music: Mil pasos, Soha
  10. Kung Fu! (1,23 min) The dance group celebrates under the direction of the famous manager and choreographer successes around the world. But to watch this gorgeous beauty is a heroic task for him. Perhaps that is why the purpose is the means. Men, relationships, sex, child, etc. are undesirable in the group. Hudba: l'homme orchestre, Judo
  11. Faraway (3,41 min) Love, which is constantly passing over time, but never extinguished. Music: Apocalyptica, Faraway  
  12. The Animal (2,50 min)  The bachelor is going to introduce himself to the parents of his 20-year-old girlfriend. Music: Sto zvířat, Poprvé